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Build Your YouTube Empire










Build Your YouTube Empire

Yay! To rocking YouTube for the next 60 days!

Once you get these tools, it's literally just repeating and watching the subscribers roll in!

Get Your Hands on the 30-Page YouTube Playbook

My exact weekly YouTube system inside of this document!

Share Your Pre-made Thumbnail Templates for Your Channel

Drag-and-Drop your photos and change the text to make your video stand out! More views and Greater Content Awaits You!

Lesson 1

The Content Machine

Inside of lesson one, you will learn how to create content that doesn't go stale, but content that Flows into views and subscribers!

- How to Build Your YouTube Empire from Scratch 
- The Best Video Titles for Your Channel to get views

Lesson 2

60-Day Strategy

Inside of lesson two, I'll walk you through how to actually implement your 60-Day strategy! I'll share my exact process to 85k subbies and explain the differences between creating a YouTube Empire and just creating a YouTube Channel!

- How to make sure your YouTube Channel is successful 

- Ways to get people to take action and subscribe


Lesson 3

Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Inside of lesson three, I'll share my tutorial on eye-catching thumbnails -- you know, the things you'd spend hours scouring Google for. I'll walk you through your Thumbnail design & research step-by-step to get your video on YouTube looking amazing! ,

- 5 Pre-made Templates for your YouTube Thumbnails

- How to Know what is Trending in Your Niche and Make Your Impact

Lesson 4

Discover Your Sweet Spot

Grow, Grow, Grow- yeah I'm talking about numbers here! I show you how to gain new views and subscribers daily, by finding your sweet spot.

- Tips on What works and doesn't work for Your Channel

- How to make your content Soar

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Lesson 5

Standing Out

Lesson five is all about standing out. I'll walk you through my exact plan on how to stand out on YouTube and gain traction just from your Analytics.

- Tips for getting more people to subscribe to your channel 
- How to leverage Call to Actions to gain more of an Audience

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